Thursday, 4 February 2010


First the bund wall formed from kerb stones : wet the floor with glue, thin layer of cement, screed (cement & sand) bed, another thin layer of cement, lay kerb stones & mortar - all done with care and precision. Our floor slopes a little, and as the bund is true to horizontal, the difference in screed depth between the downhill and uphill ends is very noticeable.

The next day the screed for the tiles goes in, on top of a layer of polythene - a "floating" flloor that will tolerate some movement in the underlying slab. The screed is laid to fall from the kerb stones to the central surface drain - skillful work. Expanded polystyrene between the fixed components (drainage channel, bund, etc.) and the screed allows for differential thermal expansion.

Half the tiles has been laid, again on a thin layer of concrete above the screed, and again with care and attention to detail. Next the tiles are vibrated down, swept with sand to fill the gaps, and finished with epoxy grout. Should be finished tomorr... err... today.

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