Saturday, 26 February 2011

White Queen : First pull

From the beer engine in the brewery cellar - looks good, tastes... interesting. Tony next door says "Ooh, yeah - I could get pissed on that!" Unfortunately, my taste buds are currently recuperating from a bad cold, so relying on Lee, Andrew, Paul & Claire (and Tony) for opinions. Colin says "Hmm... well it tastes better than it looks." Off to market with this little piggy...

Friday, 18 February 2011

The sap is rising

Brewing our version of a Belgian wheat beer today - rather experimental. This will be our spring seasonal,  name to be announced imminently - in the meantime, our marketing blurb :

"Naturally cloudy, with a fruity, spicy aroma, this is our version of a Belgian wheat beer, offering  low bitterness and low sweetness for a crisp, refreshing taste, and an intriguing whiter shade of pale in the glass."

What a wheeze this tasting note business is. Anyway, the usual spices plus one unusual one, reputedly with aphrodisiac qualities - mayhap to counter the old brewer's droop? Spring is here, the grass is ris'... Should be interesting as another brewer lamented his abject failure with this spice recently. Guesses on a postcard to..
Pump clip is a deviation from the regulars with the now-traditional graphical quirk - look for it on a pump handle near you in a few weeks - more to follow.