Monday, 1 February 2010

Disappointingly few problems.

Kemtile are coming in tomorrow to tile the brewhouse floor - these are just a few of their supplies. Should be an interesting job. Somewhat nerve-wracking, in that if I have the dimensions for the brewhouse and fermentation area wrong now, it is too late! Maybe we can just find smaller tanks...

As the main water pipe was in the way (only about 40 cm. off the floor), we had to move it, by the simple expedient of four-and-a-half people  and a fork lift raising a 23 meter copper pipe 2 meters up the wall. Only one break, and that easily repaired. I was expecting much trauma, but had to make do with anti-climax.

The pipe now runs along the wall at about 2.5 metres (these two pictures taken from the balcony above the office); we used spare MDPE (blue plastic) pipe for the vertical section. Much of the floor in this photograph should be tiled by the end of the week. Rated : Quite Exciting.

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