Thursday, 24 September 2009

X for Exceedingly Exciting

During a summer holiday in Sweden, the little horrors scavenged the woods for exotic fruit, and the cupboards for rare and mysterious ingredients; these they combined in an arcane ritual to produce the mythical X Cake. What does this have to do with beer? Well, yesterday we toddled off to those very nice people at Roosters to run a test brew, incorporating our own mysterious ingredients. Inevitably this experimental brew is now known as X Beer; with a little luck and some magic, it will be even more scrumptious than the legendary X Cake.

Hops go in to the boil...

...producing a lovely bright wort, thanks to Sam's diligence.

Pitching the yeast.

First report of fermentation after 24 hours :
1040 down to 1026 at 2.30pm Tastes fine, malty toffee. Lightish body. Nice malt finish. So far - so good.
X Beer will be casked and bottled for tasting in October; progress will be reported here.

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