Saturday, 5 September 2009

First tangible progress

We moved some tanks in last month - from Korea. Thanks to Sam and Mike for muscle, Terry's for the forklift, Colin for supervision and various urchins for not getting in the way too much. These tanks are made by Specific Mechanical; three stainless steel 20 hl fermentation vessels, and a 10 hl conditioning tank in shiny lacquered copper. We should have had a second pretty copper 20 hl conditioning tank, but that was damaged during decommissioning, and leaves us short of capacity. The silver lining is that the four tanks fitted in a single 40 ft. container; the air in the container was redolent of teak (flooring), and invoked nostalgia for Womble.

One of the little urchins recorded this video snippet :

The premises are pretty tatty at the moment; refurbishment is under way...


  1. Where exactly is the brewery, please?
    When will you have cask ale in the free trade?
    Will your bottles be bottle conditioned?
    I am happy to help with publicity through our web-site

    Feel free to get in touch


  2. Thanks for the questions and offer. In reply, briefly :

    . Where? See our Contact page (click on logo at top of this page for the Tatton Brewery web site).

    . When? Early April.

    . Bottle conditioned? Some.