Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Tatton va italiana. Viva Real Ale!

We have an intern at the brewery at the moment. Mauro is visiting from Bergamo Italy - and as well as being a great photographer he also has a degree in wine making. Mauro has come to learn how the we 'English' make our beer so he can go home and make English beer for the good people of Milan.

Mauro cooked up risotto with Ruck&Maul porter last night - cinnamon and apple to balance the porter bite. "Scrummy", as they say in Bergamo.

 Benvenuti a Cheshire. Cin Cin.

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  1. Got back from Milan in March and was taken by surprise by a very vibrant brewpub scene. The pick of the bunch was Birrificio Lambrate.


    Their oatmeal stout (Beccamorte) was one of the best I have ever tasted. The brewer seems well travelled and has successfully took his knowledge of global beers to a local scene. Their IPA was fantastic too!

    I hope Mauro establishes himself there and adds to an already vibrant and growing scene.