Friday, 18 February 2011

The sap is rising

Brewing our version of a Belgian wheat beer today - rather experimental. This will be our spring seasonal,  name to be announced imminently - in the meantime, our marketing blurb :

"Naturally cloudy, with a fruity, spicy aroma, this is our version of a Belgian wheat beer, offering  low bitterness and low sweetness for a crisp, refreshing taste, and an intriguing whiter shade of pale in the glass."

What a wheeze this tasting note business is. Anyway, the usual spices plus one unusual one, reputedly with aphrodisiac qualities - mayhap to counter the old brewer's droop? Spring is here, the grass is ris'... Should be interesting as another brewer lamented his abject failure with this spice recently. Guesses on a postcard to..
Pump clip is a deviation from the regulars with the now-traditional graphical quirk - look for it on a pump handle near you in a few weeks - more to follow.

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